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  Inderjit Gill 63bbace895 added upload.sh 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 471669cf11 updated readme 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 63ba6592fa removed WebGL shader references to unused colour attributes 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 5a5b2775d9 getting simpler version working 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 44cedf2462 ignoring Cargo.lock 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 41be4ab7e7 removing npm junk 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 2d1bde4623 wasm-bindgen 0.2.17 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 7fd75eead9 saturation and lightness configurable from pause menu 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 8efde0861f block colours represented in cached hsluv format 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill b3bff2d60e completed lines flash 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 846043a936 cargo fmt 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 4c77d97454 removed debug logging 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 0940e96bc8 in-game option: restart working 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill c8a55b2eae in-game options for audio/graphics 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 48b7286259 bug fix: multiple requestAnimationFrame calls 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill d12611d3ff better controls 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill ebcb67c964 rendering multiline dialogue boxes 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 91a5c2afbb better sfx 11 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 1f1fd854f9 replaced absolute paths to resources with relative 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 4928164fb2 colour is a source file 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 582d9eb238 update to latest wasm-bindgen 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 98a66325dd removed harbour 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 0cbd795a67 started separating block code from geometry 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 16927ab8a9 dimmed pause screen 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 62d7e3979a moved game logic out of harbour 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 4115f625bf Audio using Howler library 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 164008cee2 cargo fmt 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill d12516c787 canvas occupies as much of the parent as possible 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill e69a37424d lower colour saturation 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill b62a6b012e rendering game on rectangular CRT 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill ece57b0b9d start of rendering game on rectangular crt screen 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 3bc99c221a updated dependencies 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill abff1884fb added distortion for crt effect 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 32d45d05a2 separating render texture size from canvas size 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill c5f900380f rendering to a texture 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 42268beba1 Merge branch 'master' of git.indy.io:indy/tetris 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 0aa1111982 updated to latest nightly 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 894caaefc0 using 512x512 canvas 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill f6572b953f config 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 2d07aaf4d8 fixed fadeout bug 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill c11b6736be using sen-colour 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 82d16c714a colours and failure 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 7083c8188c game::piece is no longer an Option 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill d9764f208c game logic 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 19e27025d5 GameBridge->Bridge, Game->Harbour, State->Game 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill bbbafbb468 showing the next piece 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill b75894ebf5 randomly selecting next pieces (using terrible rng) 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 4fc9bde5e9 user input 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 2b2632b5e0 piece 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill d70e70d565 rendering empty tetris board 1 year ago