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  Inderjit Gill 7c6c81139c deleted upload.sh 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 68a798bf38 svg logo in corner linking to repo 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 02b40b6a4e fixed resize 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 1081c22320 shaders apply tonemapping in linear space before gamma correction 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 533ebd3755 build.bat for windows 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 88b4d16991 updated README.md 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill f2a74453ed updated readme 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 6a0a27a487 removed old js bindings 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 85eaa1a322 removed model-view matrix from shaders 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill fbac373863 using howler.core.min.js 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill dfdf905633 smaller js, minified howler, wasm_tetris => tetris 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 28cf2a7c5e GNU Affero General Public License 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill eb4da793d5 removed pragmas 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill a1eb166825 separated out block, board and cached_hsluv 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 5b292871c5 separated client from core 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 1115112776 audio entirely in rust 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 60fe3a9d2f curvature being passed into renderer 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill c31e1132c0 correct texture filtering 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill c34b5d608b moving gl code into rust 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 63bbace895 added upload.sh 7 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 471669cf11 updated readme 8 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 63ba6592fa removed WebGL shader references to unused colour attributes 8 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 5a5b2775d9 getting simpler version working 8 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 44cedf2462 ignoring Cargo.lock 8 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 41be4ab7e7 removing npm junk 8 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 2d1bde4623 wasm-bindgen 0.2.17 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 7fd75eead9 saturation and lightness configurable from pause menu 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 8efde0861f block colours represented in cached hsluv format 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill b3bff2d60e completed lines flash 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 846043a936 cargo fmt 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 4c77d97454 removed debug logging 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 0940e96bc8 in-game option: restart working 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill c8a55b2eae in-game options for audio/graphics 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 48b7286259 bug fix: multiple requestAnimationFrame calls 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill d12611d3ff better controls 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill ebcb67c964 rendering multiline dialogue boxes 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 91a5c2afbb better sfx 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 1f1fd854f9 replaced absolute paths to resources with relative 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 4928164fb2 colour is a source file 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 582d9eb238 update to latest wasm-bindgen 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 98a66325dd removed harbour 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 0cbd795a67 started separating block code from geometry 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 16927ab8a9 dimmed pause screen 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 62d7e3979a moved game logic out of harbour 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 4115f625bf Audio using Howler library 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill 164008cee2 cargo fmt 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill d12516c787 canvas occupies as much of the parent as possible 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill e69a37424d lower colour saturation 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill b62a6b012e rendering game on rectangular CRT 1 year ago
  Inderjit Gill ece57b0b9d start of rendering game on rectangular crt screen 1 year ago