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  Inderjit Gill 9de1076cda tightened up 1922-skull-face.seni 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill cc9ac5f97d assets: einstein-12923-portrait-medium.jpg 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 9579d3307f sketch.js works in dev mode and in seni.indy.io 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill cf72010102 ast_checker work in progress 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill f468b2e2ad moving seni files around 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 20bc486cfd build/bezier implemented 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 8d539279da fixed typos in scripts 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 247f5a7c07 fixed sketch.html slideshow mode 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill e2e184a0a7 better 1926-skull-face 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 7fb22b79df moved sketches from sketch into seni 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill a8d5709158 edit mode render-img fills out render-panel 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 89c8598fbc removed stroked-bezier-rect 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill b511aac4d6 keywords have higher priority than native 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 8d90c2f00e col/add-e0, col/add-e1, col/add-e2, col/add-alpha 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 8a0807c283 index.js uses 2k resolution internally 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 2ebb24382d updated some sketches with terser syntax 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill d0e32aa616 dot syntax works for native functions 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill eb4de8f989 dot syntax works for user defined functions 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 02d7cd45d8 added default-colour to bitmap/value 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 5eccee3cd9 side-face 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 21f5574ac9 using from parameter as a default 'self' 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill c1beeb8380 updated some sketches 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 8272b985da updated 1926-skull-face to use implicit arguments 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 9fb622adc1 implicit arguments for user defined functions 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 450e150f3a implicit arguments for native functions 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 5ae180c58b correctly spelling colour in shaders 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill c1147d89f5 correct fmod implementation 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 66befea819 1926-skull-face 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 78e51f93f1 using correct clear alpha 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 07e07a04f0 simpler colour accessors/modifiers 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 2c055346bb formatting 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 86baeb453c added palette-maker utility 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill db77bb8f42 col/palette 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill d40531cbbb piece -> sketch 4 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 9edc7237a3 srgb -> linear -> srgb happens entirely in shaders on the GPU 4 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 81ebdbb23f x and y functions to replace (nth from: _ nth: [01]) 4 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill f88a96c63f piece.html 4 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 13b75401f7 bug fix: index.js and piece.js use the same WebGL clear colour 4 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 44b790601e bug fix: piece.js correctly fades in first variation 4 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill f5977c926f removed sketch functionality from piece.js 4 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 23ea3590ba piece.js works with new colour space 4 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 0e5e58a12d all existing scripts output to linear colour space 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 8084e1c4a0 scripts can output in linear colour space 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 73483b1b31 blending in linear colour space before converting to sRGB space 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 74351351e3 standardised naming convention for pieces 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 1baf68bc73 updated default gallery pieces 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill e919550d5c additional images for assets/original-bitmaps 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill a11bcc8603 sketch/1924-skull-shelleyes 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 1fa3c45961 bitmap/value, bitmap/width, bitmap/height 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 9ede54d2f0 better readme prerequisites 1 month ago