1323 Commits (master)

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  Inderjit Gill c95783bdac refactored compile_list to always use gene adjusted inames 6 days ago
  Inderjit Gill 770b969537 gen/select works with Native functions 6 days ago
  Inderjit Gill 74d80d6663 added debug_log for the client interface methods 6 days ago
  Inderjit Gill e9e5446fdb removed Env 6 days ago
  Inderjit Gill 5aa5da9b28 passing clippy 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 6eb7b4a677 removed hack to access wasm memory 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 4d160d53bd piece.html 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill b00389974d renamed top level directories 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 33e6ca446d removed string_to_keyword from Compiler 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 51bcd13db4 refactoring bindings 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 8488bfe287 using read_float_as_usize macro in nth 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill b8c8dc4d83 DELETED C VERSION 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill fc42f2c01a wired up simplify script 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill dfdd1a6ed9 unparser and simplified_unparser 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 41c8036843 tidied up comment 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 263700f065 gen/select works for user defined global variables 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill da6054c466 gen/select for user defined lists of keywords 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill f5002cf79f implemented gen/select 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 3933cf6994 next_generation 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill e91cc59a72 Var::Vector can be packed/unpacked 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill fb86061953 continue implementing js<->rs public interface 3 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill ce22c998df initial implementation of Packable trait 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 68fabcfbad building sen-client with stable rust, not nightly 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 75f7f0f03b compile more than 2 arguments to math functions 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill a29dff1676 removed vm.local 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill ef5732281d MTX_LOAD -> MTX_PUSH, MTX_STORE -> MTX_POP 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 314b2b5bfb compile_to_render_packets logs vm.debug_str 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill bae9ef3bc3 sen-native: better error reporting 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 41d8bb7829 compiling V2D don't require both nodes to be floats 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill c000ce589a removed api.org 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 1bd8b4d272 seni language api documentation using rustdoc 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 3a76fcb691 2d genes 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 53290800b1 compilation using genes if necessary (wip) 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill eda892f909 compiler doesn't create intermediate 'clean' ast 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill d9d1b8f079 Gene implementation 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 63f5abbee6 creating TraitList 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 60c992f795 bugfix: parsing alterable nested square brackets 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill c1a1a58adf bezier and quadratic rendering accept any colour format 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 0cdbc6da82 bugfix: running preamble before program 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill baccb50bdf render-stroked-bezier, render-stroked-bezier-rect, prng/perlin 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill e2c51a54ff prng/value prng/values 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 5f7c717f14 focal + clippy + Var structs moved to appropriate files 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 1ab38fe6b7 col/build-procedural + procedural colour constants 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 3bb7451992 ProcColourStateStruct 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 022e7f013e col/convert 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 19ddcbc02b colour scheme functions 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 292036a079 interp/build, interp/value 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill e2ea8f29a0 test, docs updated 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill b7cd178602 can run server from server folder 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 9b60c2ad2d server: c comman line switch 3 months ago