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  Inderjit Gill adc6da8fbf stylesheet changes 9 hours ago
  Inderjit Gill b5aa7515d7 ConvertibleColour RGB is always linear, Colour RGB is always sRGB 10 hours ago
  Inderjit Gill 3e511bb464 clearing the image when going to edit mode 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 09de5501b2 ignoring tsconfig.json symlink 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 903323ac19 replacing 'any' with proper type definitions 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill cdfced04e9 replaced index.js with App.ts 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 4d09f0088c spinners are only removed once the image is ready to be displayed 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 8e839c641e bugfix: restoring state recreates the typescript State instance 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill be4ed8271e sketch/2003-profile.seni 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 8dfcbe7349 SequentialPainter: WebGL is only used for one piece at a time 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 0353907b45 misc. fixes 1 week ago
  Inderjit Gill 815437521e updated readme 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 0958083686 top level re-org + shell scripts replaced by Makefile 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 0918a2d015 updated copyright notice to 2020 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 1f989187fa created Renderer.ts and Utils.ts 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 7fac41c641 trying to get the code to work again 2 weeks ago
  Inderjit Gill 004cffed4f Merge branch 'master' of git.indy.io:indy/seni 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill 5efa05dcde wip: if stack bug 1 month ago
  Inderjit Gill e8c50a5280 to_string() -> into() for parser 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 4570616a73 to_string() -> into() 2 months ago
  Inderjit Gill decac0c4a9 _bones.scss using colour variables 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 61daae7f82 css built with scss 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 65685743c5 client-ts -> client/ts 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill d49908d203 cli -> terminal 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 1dbc638ad4 converting Log, Timer, Controller, History to typescript 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill d38b17c0a7 sw 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 9035eb855f sketch/ring 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill d0ec3a1152 sketch and index both based on same set of common js files 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill a9501deebf updated sketch.js 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 06c70f9883 Got on path of replacing cancerous JS with half decent typescript 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill ad78765436 deleting index.js (will be generated from typescript in the future) 3 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 58aaf025b7 added ring primitive 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill a30ba4313e refactoring 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill d2e1523705 render_list replaces geometry 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 8d95d8a4ee docs 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill b8dc4924c8 support for setting brightness, contrast and saturation 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 15e37d5482 blit-frag.glsl has brightness, contrast and saturation params 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill ec0c1e4736 re-added canvas/centre global 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 42f5de44b0 compiler emits canvas/centre global 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 3fc21ad90e fixed some pieces so that they use the new canvas sizes 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 7dd12b98c5 spinner gif replaced with dynamically generated svg 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 6d3d02c6d8 linear_colour_space parameter is passed in RenderPacket 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 90fc6fe75c seniBridge 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 52d29ce122 tidying up render packet code 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 8406df7950 sketch/1938-sparrow-disc 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill af764cf66a loading textures during rendering, not as a pre-process step 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill c115a9156e unified shader variable names 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 59e3ef589e build scripts for server 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 5f1496ade7 idiomatic rust when getting last element in vector 4 months ago
  Inderjit Gill 1ccfd03612 canvas dimension is 1024x1024 4 months ago