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Done old new description
X spanne left-margin per-note element, left-hand margin
X inline-spanne left-margin-inline
X spanne-entry left-margin-entry child of spanne, one per ref
X spanne-in-listing left-margin-list-entry padding-top:0, for ratings in listings etc
X spanne-icon-label left-margin-icon-label
X noteref ref
X noteref-kind ref-kind
X noteref-annotation ref-scribble
X noteref-clearer ref-clearer
X margin-text right-margin right-side of note
X margin-scribble right-margin-scribble
X margin-toggle right-margin-toggle
X sidenote right-margin-note
X sidenote-counter right-margin-counter
X sidenote-number right-margin-number
X short-description descriptive-scribble hand-written text on left margin and in listings
X opinion-neutral scribble-neutral
X opinion-disagree scribble-disagree


Done old new description
X Linkbacks BackRefs other systems call these Backlinks
X SpanneStarRating StarRating
X MarginConnection Ref